Parenting Program


The SEA parenting program has been created to serve families facing the modern challenges of raising compassionate, creative, and healthy children in nonviolent and nourishing ways, within our modern and sometimes violent society. We achieve this goal by teaching new, proactive parenting skills within an atmosphere of respect, love and compassion. We encourage and motivate groups of parents to evolve into support groups, which provide parents with opportunities for problem solving, networking, friendship, social activities, and personal empowerment. The PHP Parenting instructors become models and guides that accompany the families on their journeys toward mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical health.

Are you a parent or guardian?

Are you a parent and having problem connecting with your child? Are you having to face problems with:

  • Abuse
  • Drugs
  • Violence
  • Communication
  • etc.

Don’t lose hope, We can help!..

How will these classes help me?

  • Discipline my children in a nonviolent and proactive way within chaotic and confusing situations.
  • Help my child develop his/her inner power & talents.
  • Develop a loving relationship with my children.
  • Acquire information about resources in my community.

Form a support group and a community of friends with other parents.

Whom do we work with?

  • We work with all parents referred by the courts, social workers, schools, probation and self-referred parents that come to learn.
  • Churches and Agencies use this program
  • You will receive a certificate of completion recognized by the courts, probation and other educational centers.
  • Our PHP program is given in English, Spanish and Korean.

PHP is Growing..

We are growing in:

  • SEA programs
  • Other Agencies & churches in Los Angeles
  • San Gabriel
  • Visalia
  • Chicago
  • Texas
  • Oregon
  • Washington State
  • Mexico
  • Peru
  • Chile


Parents who come to the PHP course, not only grow in their parenting skills, but get rid of a lot of emotional baggage they have carried with them since childhood. They allow their interior power to grow and flourish, letting go of limiting beliefs and fears. They allow themselves to flower into loving, creative, generous and compassionate human beings.


Sr. Ines Telles
Director of YPM and PHP

222 N. Virgil Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90004
Office: (213) 480-4328
Cell: (213)479-6066