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SEA empowers youth, families, and communities in underserved areas to become self-determined, contributing members of society by providing guidance, resources, and support.


In the summer of 1972, a group of violence affected mothers began meeting regularly in the basement of Our Lady of Soledad Church to search for ways to protect their children from early, senseless deaths.

The founding mothers formed a group called Concerned Parents, made up of mothers, and occasionally fathers, whose children were exposed and/or involved in gangs. Though they were from opposing neighborhoods, they began working together to stop inter-community violence and to serve as a support group for families who had lost their children. The mothers consistently put the wellbeing of the youth in the community before anything. They often patrolled the streets and escorted students to school in areas where they were not welcomed. The founding women put their lives on the line because they loved their children and they believed in peace.

From the Concerned Parents group, Soledad Enrichment Action grew to become a grassroots nonprofit organization engaging parents, youth, law enforcement, elected officials, and gang members to sit at the table and draw up solutions towards bringing peace and reducing violence in their communities. Since its founding, SEA has paved the road in redefining the work of violence reduction by developing holistic and innovative programs that serve the youth and the communities they live in.


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